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Synthesizer & Guitar

Music Composition, consulting, & Mixing

Music can be a crucial part of any project. It can be the backbone of your content, something that sticks with your audience and creates an experience. There's a reason we still remember jingles from carpet commercials we saw over 20 years ago. Music is something that creates a connection between us and the media that carries it.

I compose and create music to fit films, video games, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. I also offer music consultation to help you in finding songs that match the style and vibe of your project. Please reach out to me by email or my contact page via the button below so we can discuss your project and the next steps to take!

MIDI Controller & Drum Machine

I've been writing music for over 15 years; electronica, progressive metal, orchestral pieces, children's songs, and more. I also spent 3 years as a composer for children's soundbooks, having to write music in every genre and style to match anything from Disney and Marvel soundtracks, to Sesame Street and nursery rhymes. I'm happy to be a musical chameleon and take on whatever a project calls for.


Take a listen to the following tracks for some examples of my work.

Original Music

Besides composing music for film, video games, podcasts, and more, I also have a couple different projects just to create my own music, or to cover/remix others' as well. Take a listen if you'd like, hope that you enjoy!

Duck Duck Pony

Chiptune / Electronic Remixes & Originals

In 2016, I started doing covers of video game songs for a local Super Smash Bros. tournament organizer and streaming company. I eventually started creating originals and just haven't stopped since then. The music is a blend of chiptune and electronic sounds, with some prog and metal influences thrown in for good measure. This might be the nerdiest part of my life, but I think some amazing music has come out of it. Enjoy!


This is my first album of all original chiptunes. More info for each track can be found on my Bandcamp page.

Hope you enjoy!

Released September 1, 2020

All instruments, recording, mixing, and art by Bryan Becker


This album features covers of songs from some of my favorite games, as well as some of my favorite songs from other artists.

Hope you enjoy!

(Music credits can be found on Bandcamp)

Released September 2, 2020


This album came together over 1-2 years of super late nights, life transitions, and a ton of writer's block. Five covers of some of my absolute favorite songs and/or games, and four originals. Hope you enjoy!

Released October 4, 2018

All instruments, recording, mixing, and art by Bryan Becker

Frontier, Pioneer

Progressive Metal / Post-Rock

Under the name Frontier, Pioneer, I released my first album of original music, "You've Just Begun to Grow", in 2012. So far, I've released four different albums under this project, which features all instrumental progressive metal/post-rock. I hope to get back to creating more music for this project, but for now I think these albums are a great reflection of my influences and writing/recording at the time.

I can hear the morning sun in my veins, and i finally feel whole. i feel present.

"I can hear the morning sun..." is a concept album about the different phases of the day and struggling to make each phase worth something. It was originally meant to be an all-acoustic EP, but within the first day of recording the tracks, I knew that wouldn't do these songs justice. So some dirty, rough, overly-distorted guitars were laid down. I played around with instruments and synth patches I never would've thought to use before. I tried out techniques that went against all of the things I had learned about mixing and recording, but I'm extremely happy with what came out of it. Hopefully your ears dig the result as much as mine do.

Released July 3, 2014


All songs written and recorded from November of 2012 to June 2013. This album's been more of a collection of songs trying to show my various influences more than one cohesive work. It's been a blast to record it, and I hope that shows on each and every second of the album.

Released July 6, 2013

Art, instruments, recording, and mixing by Bryan Becker

You've Just Begun to Grow

All songs were written between 2010 and 2012, self-recorded/produced from June to October of 2012. This album was a huge part of my life. It was a joy to write and record all of it, and I hope that translates into an awesome experience for anyone who takes a listen to it.

Released November 1, 2012

Music & Mixing by Bryan Becker
Art by Denson Sterling

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