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"We'll fix it in post!" is never ideal, but it can be a reality no matter how much planning goes into a project. Films, audiobooks, explainer videos, even workshops or lectures; these can be big undertakings that require a lot of planning just to create the content and get it recorded. Even if everything goes smoothly, every piece can still benefit from some form of cleanup, polish, and mixing afterwards.

Audio and mixing shouldn't be an afterthought, and I aim to ensure your project reflects that. I offer any and all post-production services for audio and video: mixing, cleanup, music editing, music consultation, sound design/foley, dialogue editing, & video editing. Please reach out to me by email or my contact page via the button below so we can discuss your project and the next steps to take.



STRAFE® | Official Movie Trailer
Workplace Wellness: Achieving Goals & Avoiding Burnout
Our Story: Phoenix International Publications (p i kids books)
GREATER EVIL: The political bullshit game (KICKSTARTER TRAILER)
Disney Mickey & Friends Busy Beats Electronic Music Maker & 8-Book Library
MBAs fighting COVID on the frontlines

The above videos are all examples of post-production work I've done. All videos' audio was edited and mixed by me. The following videos were sound designed by me: STRAFE Trailer, Greater Evil Trailer, Incredible Technologies Trailer, PI Kids Videos. I did the video editing for the following videos: MBAchic Videos, PI Kids Videos.

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