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Podcast Production

Producing a podcast can be a long process. Scheduling interviews, research, recording, marketing and promotion, transcripts. And once something is actually recorded, it needs to be edited, which can lead to a whole host of other things to deal with:

Too much background noise in the recording, excessive ums or dead air, inconsistent levels, ensuring the correct format, creating show notes, creating teaser clips and audiograms for social media.

All of the above can be tedious and frustrating to edit on top of the other things that need to get done. I'm here to help with any stage of the process so you can focus less on editing, and more on creating. Please reach out to me by email or my contact page via the button below so we can discuss your project and the next steps to take.


Audio Cleanup & Restoration

Background noise is bound to happen during a recording. The low hum of an appliance, noise from outside, lip smacks and clicks, a dog barking or birds chirping? Maybe too much reverb?


I clean up noise and unwanted audio using the latest audio restoration tools from iZotope, ERA, Waves, Descript, and more to ensure your recording sounds as pristine as possible.



Once a recording is cleaned up, it usually needs to be edited. This means trimming up the beginning and end of a recording, removing any dead air or technical difficulties, taking out crosstalk and interruptions, or even removing stutters, false starts, and ums/ahs/filler words. If you have any notes about whole sections or specific words or sentences you'd like cut or moved, that can be done too!

The goal of this step is to ensure your listeners can enjoy the audio instead of getting distracted by it.


Mixing & Polish

In this stage, I use EQ, compression, and more to add some polish to the voices to improve quality and bring all speakers to a consistent volume throughout the episode. This ensures that the listener won't need to constantly adjust the volume during the show and that the audio won't be harsh or grating. I also mix everything to the standard levels for podcasting, so your show will be on the same level as everything else.


Final Touches

The episode is finished! I'll export it to the specs and format you need, and can handle the uploading to your host if you'd like. I can also create audiograms or videograms for social media promotion.


These two clips are a quick example of before and after the production process.


00:00 / 00:29


00:00 / 00:21


Eric Montgomery

Head of audio,
Podcast Haven

It's been great working with Bryan, his work edits are clean and he hits his editing deadlines.

Nadia Yakoob

Inside Immigration

Bryan is the best podcast producer I have worked with. People often remark how professional my podcasts sound. All thanks to Bryan! He's very responsive, easy to work with and delivers an excellent work product. I highly recommend him!

Andrew Freels

CISO Series

Bryan has worked as a part of our team over the past year and has quickly become essential to the completion of our flagship podcast. We never have to worry about meeting a deadline as Bryan always has our episodes thoroughly edited turned around quickly. He is a responsive, timely, and a high-quality editor that we trust at CISO Series.


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