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Soviet Jump Game


Soviet Jump Game is a video game developed by Fantastic Passion, and published by Game Grumps in 2020. The game is a 2D platforming battle royale, styled as if it were a Russian knockoff of Super Mario Bros. from the 80s. I was brought on at the beginning of development, and stayed on as the sole sound designer, designing over 1100 sounds for the game. This included sounds for UI, interactable objects in the environment, the player, as well as sounds for custom SFX packs that players can equip to change the way their character sounds in-game. I created the majority of sounds from scratch using emulations of the NES sound chip.

I helped with the implementation of the audio in Unity with C#. I also provided all post-production audio for all promotional trailers and gameplay trailers. The game can be found on Steam.

Project 01: Bio
Project 01: Gallery
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