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Unreal Engine 5 Sound Demo

This is a playthrough of a demo I created showcasing sound design and implementation in Unreal Engine 5. The map featured in the demo is "Stylized Medieval Village" created by Hivemind, and projectiles are from the "Magical Projectile" asset created by The Cryer in the Unreal Marketplace. The map itself is static with no interactive elements, so all interactive features in the demo were created or adapted by me. All sounds and music were created by me.


The video below is a more in-depth look at how I implemented Metasounds and Blueprints for the above demo. I go through the systems for ambiences, dynamic music, magic/powerups, interactables, audio volumes and occlusion, audio settings, footsteps, among other things. Since the video is a bit long, I have it defaulted to play at 1.5x speed. Feel free to change the speed. I also included chapters to easily jump around to different topics/systems.

Project 01: Bio
Project 01: Gallery
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